Christmas Show Playlist

Our 2014 holiday show has wrapped up and guys, it was so fun. A lot of you have asked about our playlist, so as our Christmas gift to you, here it is!

Play it at parties, in your car, or a Christmas dance contest. People have those, right?


Elm Avenue – Holly Beck

I make jewelry, reclaimed wood shelves (hexagon and I’m hoping to be making some triangle shelves this season too!), and I’m also making concrete ornaments, magnets, and home decor. I may have a couple other items too, just depending on what I can get done in the next couple months!

See more here! Holly will be joining us Dec 11-13


Lot801 – Lindsay White

Handmade luxury children’s apparel. Made with 100% organic cotton & water based inks.

See more here! Lindsay will be joining us Dec 11-13


Candy Everything – Megan Bowen

Hard candy figurines made from antique molds. We have over 70 shapes of this traditional holiday candy ranging from tiny elephants to a large ship. We also make drop candy on a restored antique candy roller machine.

See more here! Megan will be joining us Dec 11-13


Made by Jewls – Julianne Best

Fabric covered button earrings, hair pins, hair ties, necklaces, cufflinks, and bracelets; crocheted or knitted hair bows; glitter ribbon hair bows; tied fabric necklaces for Mom’s with teething babies or for teething toddlers to wear; metal mustache, star, arrow, and heart earrings; druzy sparkly earrings; initial necklaces; felt flower hair accessories; “please knock, baby is sleeping” door signs; handmade amber teething necklaces.

See more here! Julianne will be joining us Dec 11-13